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Want to learn a new instrument but don’t know where to start? With only fifteen lessons you could be playing beautiful music in no time! The First 15 Lessons books are written by experts in the field, ranging from ukulele to piano, banjo to voice, or drums to guitar. Each book features easy step-by-step lessons complete with pictures, diagrams and accessible audio and video. Use the unique code inside each book to stream or download your free online content. All audio files include PLAYBACK+, a multi-functional audio player that allows you to slow down audio without changing pitch, set loop points, change keys, and pan left or right. Check out the full series HERE.



Need support for distance learning? Essential Elements Interactive (EEi) is the ideal teaching tool for today’s beginning band and string students in the classroom and at home. This interactive medium is free with the purchase of any Essential Elements method book, and offers beginning students specially designed exercises, engaging music, and instrument-specific techniques to develop fantastic musicianship skills. EEi now gives teachers a set of technology tools for online learning, teaching, assessment, and communication that can easily be explored from home. See the full series HERE.




FastTrack is the speediest way for beginners to learn an instrument. If you’ve ever been sceptical of method books, you can trust FastTrack to bring the fun. Different from the rest, these books are user-friendly and include plenty of popular songs to keep you going. But the greatest thing about this series is that most songs are the same for each instrument, which means players can form a band and jam together! What if you don’t have access to a band? We’ve got you covered, because every book includes free online audio or a CD so you can feel like you are jamming along too. See the series HERE.



Teach yourself to play your favourite songs from Billy Joel to Taylor Swift or Elton John to Coldplay with this multi-media learning experience! Available for piano, bass and guitar, each song within the books includes a free comprehensive online video lesson with an interactive song transcription, including slow-down features, looping capabilities, track choices, play-along functions, and more. With access to all of these features, you’ll be playing like your favourite pop and rock star in no time. Explore the series HERE.




With the bestselling series, Uke'n Play Ukulele, beginners of any age or ability will be strumming chords and playing songs in no time. Written by renowned musician and educator Mike Jackson, the Uke'n Play books start you on the basics before delving into Jackson's unique method to help you master chord shapes quickly. The Uke'n Play books invite you to learn 25 recognisable songs complete with chord diagrams, lyrics and chord symbols. Each book comes with accompanying audio downloads that allow you to tune up, hear the songs how they should sound, then let you play along with a full band backing track. Explore the series HERE.



FlightFlight is a Slovenian Ukulele company and are sold worldwide. The range is broad and the quality excellent, right from the sturdy incomparable Travel Ukuleles to the top of the range Victoria Models and their brilliant Bass Ukulele. Explore the series HERE.



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