Scenes of Childhood

Fourteen Piano Solos


With his Scenes of Childhood, Sonny Chua has given the young (and not so young) player a wealth of highly interesting, challenging and musically stimulating material which is great fun to play, while also being of enormous educational benefit.

The collection provides a compendium of musical styles and pianistic effects, and encourages heightened sensitivity to mood, atmosphere and instrumental colour. Harmonies, rhythms, metric issues and tonal relationships are at once appealing and sophisticated. There is something to delight everyone, and the works cater for different levels of achievment and development. Many complex musical issues are introduced, yet the context is always so engaging that dealing with them probably will not seem like hard work at all!

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Composer Sonny Chua
Publisher All Music Publishing
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ISBN13 9781863674171
Medium Softcover
Instrument Piano
Category Piano & Keyboard
Subcategory 1 Repertoire
Subcategory 2 Collections

Piano / Certificate of Performance / List D

  • Rodeo (Scenes of childhood: Fourteen piano solos)

Piano / Grade 3 / List C

  • Midnight Snack from Scenes of Childhood

Piano / Grade 5 / List D

  • around the world in 2 minutes or less from Scenes of Childhood

Piano / Grade 6 / List D

  • yo ho ho and a bottle of rum from Scenes of Childhood

Piano for Leisure / Certificate of Performance / Open Manual list

  • Rodeo from Scenes of childhood