Piano Music Vol. 3 Grade 5 and Grade 6

Progressively Graded


Here is a series of piano books and recordings that will motivate and excite! The piano music of Sonny Chua is presented throughout these volumes with two major features: progressive grading and recordings of performances by the composer. Sonny Chua's Piano music is already well-known and enjoyed by numerous teachers and students. These four volumes are designed specifically to bring Sonny Chua's piano music to teachers and students in a progressively graded series. Collected from across his piano catalogue, this is a delightful assortment of classic Chua. The pieces range in style from traditional to jazz/blues and take the performer on a journey of moods from pensive to flamboyant. Almost all of the pieces inthese publications are listed on the syllabuses of various examination bodies. The four books boast an interesting and educational repertoire for every standard.

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Composer Sonny Chua
Publisher All Music Publishing
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Instrument Piano
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Piano / Grade 5 / List D

  • Zeitgeist 22 (Sonny Chua Piano Music Volume 3)