A Unique Analysis of Philly Joe Jones' Approach to Soloing


Welcome to the ISMS series, a drum method dedicated to and built around the famous Bruce Lee quote: “I fear not the [person] who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the [person] who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” For the purposes of this series, the quote has been modified as follows: “I fear not the MUSICIAN who has practiced 10,000 LICKS once, but I fear the MUSICIAN who has practiced one LICK 10,000 times.” Philly-ISM, the second book in Tim's ISMS series, is a unique analyses of Philly Joe Jones' “rudimental” approach to soloing. More specifically, it's a deep dive into Philly's use of the paradiddle.

With Philly-ISM, you will:

• Learn how Philly Joe utilized the paradiddle sticking and its variations in his solos

• Study 18 Philly solos from legendary recordings

• Permutate, orchestrate, and subdivide the ISM

• Analyze nine additional Philly trademark phrases

• Learn to sing and solo using your ISM over real song forms

• Absorb the ISM and create your own variations!

Includes over one hour of instructional video lessons demonstrating exercises and concepts from this book.

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