Songwriting in Practice

Songwriting in Practice

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Become a more productive songwriter! Learn to organize the full range of your creative content, from starting inspirations to finished songs. This book offers pragmatic tools, resources, practices, and principles for managing the many kinds of creative materials gathered or generated across a song's life cycle. Organize your ideas and sources of inspiration, sketches and drafts, versions and revisions, to streamline your songwriting process. Create and use “song seed” notebooks and lists, song journals, and writing and co-writing session logs, as you develop your overall song catalog.

You will learn to:

• Capture and access inspirations of all types – lyric, melodic, chordal, rhythmic, or concept – in songwriting notebooks, journals, and lists

• Energize and improve your creative work writing by organizing all your song ideas for easy access at every stage of songwriting

• Manage the full lifecycle of your songs, from sketches and drafts, through versions and revisions, to “fair copies” and demos

• Develop an efficient songwriting workflow that connects inspirations to opportunities and projects

• Rapidly access your strongest creative material in high-stakes, deadline-driven writing and co-writing sessions

• Develop your song catalogue to support publishing, administration, and licensing

• Use the organizing process to gain insights for advancing your craft and range as a writer

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