Piano Interval Workbook

Piano Interval Workbook

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Activities, Sight Reading, Songs to Help You Read Music with Confidence


Reading by interval is a musical, logical, and successful approach to music reading. Use this book to supplement a beginning method, or as a new way to help improve already existing reading skills. Each unit presents a simple approach to learning by providing experiences in each of these areas: Exploring – discover intervals on the keyboard; Writing – see how intervals are expressed in staff notation; Playing – understand how intervals correlate to the fingers of the hand; Reading – practice intervals with short reading examples; Creating – compose and improvise using intervals; Repertoire – discover how newly learned intervals appear in the repertoire. Students of any age, with or without the guidance of a teacher, will benefit from the activities in this book and the reading process it demonstrates using folk tunes, classic repertoire, and original compositions.

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Author Craig Sale
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