Coral Reef Suite

Coral Reef Suite

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Late Elementary Level Composer Showcase


This masterful collection of mildly contemporary solos for young students explores clusters, pedal effects, and whole-tone patterns in an evocative, imaginative way. Each piece beautifully describes its title with inviting sounds and colors. Great recital material! Features mainly 5-finger position, easily-learned solos; eighth notes; whole-tone patterns; damper and sostenuto pedal; hands-together passages; some register shifts;simple meters. 7 Solos: Angelfish Arabesque • Ghosts of a S unken Pirate Ship • Invaders of the Reef • The Jellyfish • The Lonesome Hermit Crab • The Sea Anemone • Starfish Serenade.

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Publisher Hal Leonard
Series HLSPL Composer Showcase
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ISBN10 0634051482
ISBN13 9780634051487
UPC 073999963540
Format Piano Solo
Medium Softcover
Instrument Piano
Category Piano & Keyboard
Subcategory 1 Repertoire
Subcategory 2 Solos