The Post-Bop Drum Book

A Complete Overview of Contemporary Jazz Drumming Book with Onlin


With The Post-Bop Drum Book, jazz/funk drumming legend Mike Clark provides a complete overview of contemporary jazz drumming. The book combines conceptual text with notated exercises, transcriptions and performance concepts covering bebop and post-bop drumming. Topics covered include developing the ride beat, comping, triplet variations, advanced independence with the hi-hat as a fourth voice, the jazz waltz, rolls, fives and sevens, be-bop phrasing, post-bop phrasing, straight-eighth phrasing, and more. Mike provides insight into his background and development, and shares his thoughts on developing your own voice, studying the masters, heritage and lineage, communicating with other musicians, listening, creativity, tuning, and much more. The package is rounded out by audio and video files of Mike performing many of the examples from the book.

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Author Aaron Spears, Mike Clark
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