Best of Easy Piano Classics 1

100 Original Pieces


The latest volume in Hans-Günter Heumann's successful Best of Piano Classics series offers an attractive colourful mix of very easy to easy original piano pieces from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern periods. In addition to popular repertoire pieces, it also includes discoveries that enrich modern teaching and auditions. The 100 short original pieces provide pure variety and motivation for beginners and those returning to the piano.

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Composer Various
Editor Hans-Gunter Heumann
Publisher Schott Music
Series Best of Classics
Stock Code ED23736
Supplier Item ID ED23736
ISBN10 9790001218467
ISBN13 9783795731229
Medium Softcover
Instrument Piano
Category Piano & Keyboard
Subcategory 1 Repertoire
Subcategory 2 Collections
# Title
1 A Toy (Anonymous)
2 Canario (Joachim van den Hove)
3 Bourree G major (Jacques Lucas de Saint-Luc)
4 Aria D minor (Daniel Speer)
5 Minuet A minor (Johann Krieger)
6 Air D minor (Henry Purcell)
7 Minuet G major BWV Anh. 114 (Christian Petzold)
8 Minuet G minor BWV Anh. 115 (Christian Petzold)
9 Fantaisie TWV 33:16 3rd Movment (Georg Philipp Telemann)
10 Gavotte C major (Georg Philipp Telemann)
11 Minuet C major (Jean-Philippe Rameau)
12 Aria F major BWV Anh. 131 (Anonymous)
13 Minuet G minor BWV 822 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
14 Musette D major BWV Anh. 126 (Anonymous)
15 Sarabande G minor (George Frideric Handel)
16 Gavotte C major (George Frideric Handel)
17 Minuet No. 2 F major (Anonymous)
18 Minuet No. 6 F major (Anonymous)
19 Minuet D minor (Leopold Mozart)
20 Minuet F major (Elisabetta de Gambarini)
21 Minuet G major Hob. IX:3/2 (Joseph Haydn)
22 German Dance C major Hob. IX:12/10 (Joseph Haydn)
23 German Dance D major Hob. IX:22 (Joseph Haydn)
24 Minuet C major (Johann Christian Bach)
25 Allegretto C major (William Duncombe)
26 Sonatina F major Op. 41/2 (Johann Baptist Vanhal)
27 Tempo di Menuetto Op. 38/4 (Johann Wilhelm Hassler)
28 Romance for Children (Daniel Gottlob Turk)
29 The Lively Boy (Daniel Gottlob Turk)
30 Allegretto grazioso Op. 42 Lecon 3 (Muzio Clementi)
31 Pyrenese Melody Op. 42 Lecon 48 (Muzio Clementi)
32 Allegretto Op. 1/11 (Alexander Reinagle)
33 Andante Op. 1/15 (Alexander Reinagle)
34 Minuet G major (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
35 Minuet C major (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
36 Landler D major WoO 11/3 (Ludwig van Beethoven)
37 German Dance A major WoO 42/4 (Ludwig van Beethoven)
38 Rondo C major (Anton Diabelli)
39 Ecossaise C major (Johann Nepomuk Hummel)
40 Mazurka No. 1 (Maria Szymanowska)
41 Bonbonniere musicale Op. 55/5 (Ignaz Moscheles)
42 Moderato A minor (Heinrich Wohlfahrt)
43 Moderato C major (Heinrich Wohlfahrt)
44 Andante C major (Heinrich Wohlfahrt)
45 Andante E minor (Heinrich Wohlfahrt)
46 Ecossaise G major D 145/5 (Franz Schubert)
47 Waltz G major D 365/21 (Franz Schubert)
48 Waltz of Longing Ab major D 365/2 (Franz Schubert)
49 The Wish Op. 74/1 (Frederic Chopin)
50 Piano Piece A minor Op. 10/60 (Ferdinand Beyer)
51 Bear's Dance (Robert Schumann)
52 Piano Piece C major Op. 48/1 (Emilie Mayer)
53 Piano Piece G minor Op. 48/6 (Emilie Mayer)
54 A Brave Boy Op. 197/3 (Cornelius Gurlitt)
55 Undaunted Op. 210/6 (Cornelius Gurlitt)
56 Cradle Song Op. 117/17 (Cornelius Gurlitt)
57 Melody Op. 218/26 (Louis Kohler)
58 Littly Melody with Variations (Theodor Kullak)
59 Dolly's Complaint (Cesar Franck)
60 The Industrious Student Op. 31/3 (Kaspar Jakob Bischoff)
61 Rondino Pastorale (Carl Reinecke)
62 A Short Study Op. 64/1 (Heinrich Lichner)
63 At Home Op. 134/6 (Heinrich Lichner)
64 Melodious Study Op. 63 No. 3 (Loius Streabbog)
65 Melodious Study Op. 63 No. 7 (Loius Streabbog)
66 The Sick Doll Op. 39/6 (Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)
67 Old French Song Op. 39/16 (Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky)
68 Scherzo F major (Charles Villiers Stanford)
69 Gavotte G major (Charles Villiers Stanford)
70 Barcarole A minor Op. 104/2 (Paul Zilcher)
71 Waltz C major (Paul Zilcher)
72 Autumn Flower Op. 104/8 (Paul Zilcher)
73 Allegro tranquillo (Cecile Chaminade)
74 Rondeau (Cecile Chaminade)
75 Piano Piece G major (Kalman Chovan)
76 L'ocell (Narcisa Freixas)
77 La dansa (Narcisa Freixas)
78 A Little Fairy Tale (Alexander Grechaninov)
79 After the Ball (Alexander Grechaninov)
80 Petit prelude a la journee (Erik Satie)
81 Profiter de ce qu'il a des cors aux pieds (Erik Satie)
82 Fairy Tale Op. 28/2 (Samuel Maykapar)
83 Minuet Op. 36/1 (Amy Beach)
84 Reverie Op. 33/2 (Samuel Maykapar)
85 Melody C major (Thomas Dunhill)
86 Jock plays the Bagpipes (Thomas Dunhill)
87 The Old Windmill  (Thomas Dunhill)
88 Melancholy (Bela Bartok)
89 Game (Bela Bartok)
90 The Sad Doll (Leonard Petrus Ruygrok)
91 Piano Study No. 10 (Carl Orff)
92 Piano Study No. 14 (Carl Orff)
93 Easy five-tone piece No. 1 (Paul Hindemith)
94 Canon (Henk Badings)
95 The Boat (Felicitas Kukuck)
96 Holiday Trip (Gunter Kretschmer)
97 Again and Again (Barbara Heller)
98 Joker (Barbara Heller)
99 Prelude C major (Hans-Gunter Heumann)
100 Minuet G major (Hans-Gunter Heumann)
101 Sonatina facile (Hans-Gunter Heumann)